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Lately I've been falling for the lure of color, there is something about it that almost feels voyeuristic.

I've been enamoured with the depth of black since I got into fashion. There is no question to the power and elegance of a black dress, but through the sober presence of it, there's always something out of my perceived understanding, Black can suggest mourning, authority, introversion, humility, dignity, modesty, mystery. Black is always a safe option.
But a red dress (or blouse in this particular case) has a different aura, an urge to express. A form of exhibitionism. 
I believe that the reason nature is full of color is to send a warning of existence: Here I am, Look at me, acknowledge me, understand me.




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Yet another set of images of me wearing the Lilium skirt, which just a few weeks ago, I was convinced wasn't for me. 

I did take it out of my closet and hung it up in my studio instead, to have it as a sample and eventually let it go to someone who would like it more, but I keep coming back to it, and it's not because it is an easy piece to throw on for running errands, as I spend the entire time wearing it terribly aware of the length, stepping on it. It's not the design, such a simple silhouette that doesn't quite flatter a short, stubby girl like me, and if we are going to be technical about it, the color doesn't do good things for my skin complexion either. 
so why do I keep diverging from what I know to be more benign to my body and activities to a piece unbefitting of my style?
I guess is precisely about the consciousness of it's ambiguity, while not entirely flattering or practical, it lets you know that I am willing to forgo prudence for a vogue expression, specially when pairing it with something as ordinary as a hoodie.
You'd think that me, being the creator of this garment wouldn't have to interpret and second guess its wearability but the intention of a piece of clothing isn't always that deliberate in its origin.
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About a year ago I read the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and I was disappointed. It was perhaps her cult like following that convinced me I would be a better person if I followed her teachings, got rid of everything that doesn't spark joy, if I categorized every item I owned and did the weird folding thing, but all I got from it was one more item in my possession that I didn't really like or need—the book. 


If I didn't feel so awkward doing the ceremonious holding of an object to my chest to then thank it for whatever service it provided (or didn't), the book would be the first to go through this process. 
I'm on board, wholly, with the concept of a good purge, and with honouring a memory by doing something special for sentimental items that need to go, but acknowledging and thanking aloud the thing in question just doesn't cut it for me. I'll go out of my way any day to get that item I loved to someone else who needs/wants it, I'll even pay for a refurbishing to extend the usefulness of it. If showing gratitude was enough for things to cease to exist, our planet wouldn't be full of trash.
A better approach to minimalism and to a tidy life would be not to consider "does this spark joy" but "how am I getting rid of this thing without turning it into someone else's problem" before even getting it in the first place.
Happy earth day.
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On occasion I'll bring in a piece that ends up not sitting well in my wardrobe and I don't find it justifiable to adulterate the collection I've curated with intention by the indecision of keeping something just to fill a gap.
The Lilium skirt came to life because I wanted a more traditional shape for every day, with the approaching warmer season in mind I chose linento which I'm allergic, but a hazard has never kept me from trying to enjoy somethingbut the dysphoria isn't worth it, the style just isn't me, despite the beautiful color, the integrity of the construction, and to my dismay, the hardiness of the fiber, it doesn't pair well with the small but permanent garment composite I own and love, or with my body shape.
So I decided to take it out to play one last time, make a few images I can revisit to keep my feelings of urgency to fill wardrobe gaps satisfied for a little longer, and to make it easier on the heart to eventually bring in something else that I will love more.

Goodbye Lilium skirt, no hard feelings, all love.
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Lately all my outfits are composed of exclusively Aelyse pieces. I can't make out whether it's because I have an emotional attachment to them since they're all my own creation or if I have lost perspective of my style and simply gravitate towards the familiar.

I have to admit, I feel very comfortable in my outfits but it's been a while since I've actually felt playful with what I wear. At the same time I like that I've turned my wardrobe into a universe of its own to immerse myself in.

At the end of the day my goal is that nothing I ever buy—or make, since that happens way more often—feels new, I want to have a style so well cultivated that whatever comes in, already feels like it's been there forever.


Top: Olivia tee by Aelyse
Belt: Mimosa belt by Aelyse
leggings: Wool leggings by Aelyse
Jacket: Skipper jacket by Aelyse

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