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Ruffles, cut outs, slip dresses, mom jeans everywhere.

The more we see them, the more we like them, trends have a way to seep into our thoughts and change our perception unsuspectingly, and thanks to social media and its spurt of "influencers" I've fallen in the trap. Before I knew, I was following more fashion bloggers and street style photographers than actual friends, and I found myself with the sudden urge of owning that pair of furry loafers and painful looking sock boots, none of which have real practicity in my lifestyle and would inevitably end up collecting dust in a corner of my closet, and leave me with the feeling that I just let the wind blow my money off a cliff, and into a fire.

I took a look at my last collection and felt betrayed, by my own self nonetheless. I still stand by my designs but I feel that they've been diluted. The realization that I've been corrupted haunts me, so in self defense I've decided to haunt back.

While this ensemble is not the prime example of my trend afflicted work of late, I realize how blurred it is in the context of my entire line. 

I don't really have the luxury of spending time berating myself, or even trying to understand why I have been so vulnerable to redirect away from myself, but I have definitely taken the time to go back into my own world, and carry out a threat to the part of me that is afraid of disturbing the landscape with my outfit.

Dress: Column dress by Aelyse
Sweater: Ravel sweater by Alyen
Boots: Pia boots by Vagabond

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What drives anyone to create in a milieu of profit driven people and corporations with the notion that fashion is disposable?

ALYENWEAR is a labour of love emanating from introspection as well as self- awareness, and all it has taught me until now is serving as a vehicle for change, a shift of focus, a plot twist.

My focus has shifted, and ALYEN needs to shift too 👽

Alyen has been, since very early in my internet presence, my screen name, a mash of all that is me, that had to be established in a minute when I was asked to pick a username for my first online profile account on some corner of the Internet. A play on words: Alyssa, my name, and alien (I am an immigrant, an alien by political definition), I'm also very into romanticized sci-fi, and I have a background on astro-physics. Alyen felt natural, it still does, and I identify with that self-given name more than I do with the one given to me by my parents, but it no longer fits with my work, so it's time to reset. To give what I do it's own identity.

You can still call me Alyen, but my work has now its own identity. AELYSE

AELYSE is a plot twist happening as a result of experiencing what qualities in me I could work with instead of just following the stream. Radically holding onto my values.

One of the changes is the shift to slower work days. It's hard to keep up with the speed of the fashion industry, let alone do it with integrity, so I'm opting out of it. This means I'm ditching seasons and taking on less work, which will increase the amount of time spent in the production of each individual garment, ensuring faster delivery times and higher quality.

AELYSE is starting as a seasonless clothing line with focus on quality and will remain a personal experience. You'll always have one to one contact with me whenever you reach out.

I hope you view this reset as something positive and refreshing.

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I was a teenager when I first came across the iconic tabi boots by Martin Margiela.
at first sight I recoiled but couldn't look away, this was the first time I was actually intrigued by design.

To me, fashion was about selling out, abusing creativity by a profit driven aristocracy. But I was no capitalist, I was just a working class girl who had recently shaved her head as a form of opposition to what she was being fed by society.

And this deformed shoe validated my discomfort towards a commercial homogeneity dictated by corporate overlords in pursuit of massive revenue. It illustrated eloquently that if we mute the noise of commercialism, designers and consumers are able to interact in a more meaningful way. All of the sudden, fashion went from being decorative to emotional.

Margiela's tabi boots were a revelation to me.






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Customers are the best models!

Marlow Rae (source Instagram)

Rachel (source Instagram)

Xio (source Instagram)

Cessie (source Instagram)

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Yesterday I found myself in the position of having more things to carry than hands and arms, they weren't heavy things but they were more than I could handle without a bag. I'm one of those persons that feel carrying a handbag is more of an inconvenience, I don't feel the need to bring things with me when I'm out, my house key and phone is all I need and those fit well in the deep pockets of the trousers I was wearing. 

Well, the joke was on me because there I was, no bag, no extra helping hands, just me, the dozen things I had just picked up  and a need to transport my things from point A to point B. That's when I realized the Velo top, which I was wearing under my jacket, was more versatile than I had originally planned.

There is a Japanese custom that consists of a type of traditional wrapping cloth that is eco-friendly and mostly used for carrying goods or wraping gifts called furoshiki. 

In times of need, creativity is essential.

Here's a simple tutorial on how to turn your Velo top in a furoshiki.

1. Fold the top in half, and the again in half to make a square.


2. Place the object to carry in the center.


3. Fold one of the corners in, tucking it under the object on the opposite side.


4. Fold the corner across and tuck under.


5. Pinch the two sides of one of the corners left, closest to the object, to tuck on the fold of the corner to meet the opposite one.


6. Repeat with the other side and knot twice. Pick up your things and go!

I hope that like me, you find new ways to wear and use your ALYEN clothes everyday. 

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